All presentations will be oral in a single track.

A desktop computer will be available at the presentations room. Please, bring a copy of your presentation in a USB drive (format FAT 32) with all the files you need so that you can present from the computer in case it is needed. You will be able to use your own laptop as well but be aware that you will need to use an HDMI adapter if your laptop does not have a Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector.

PRESENTATION TIME: Presentation time will be a total of 20 minutes, including the questions from the audience and 2 minutes time for introduction by the session chair.

PRIOR TO YOUR PRESENTATION: Please, come to the session 15 minutes before it starts. Introduce yourself to the session chair and upload your presentation to the  computer or if you are using your own computer make sure it works with the available interfaces. Your session chair may also have last-minute instructions for your presentation.

Note: the presentation computer has ONLY a USB port; there is no CD-ROM or other disc drive. The projector has VGA connection, if you use your own computer, please make sure you have an adapter for VGA if necessary. Screen  size is 4:3.

EQUIPMENT PROVIDED: The presentation room will be equipped with a computer and a video projector (VGA). There will be no other equipment available.

The computer will have a recent version of the Windows OS installed as well as Acrobat Reader and PowerPoint. Remember to embed all your fonts into your PDF presentation.